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Default Furnace Mill Results. 10/05/2015

Furnace Mill Results. 10/05/2015
Fair conditions today up the Mill with some tricky wind coming from most angles. Some interesting changes to the course which caught a fair few out as well. Top shot today was Phil Tombs who has found form with his new FTP, he slaughtered his lad good n proppa; well done Phil. Nice to get myself back near the top after some dreadful results of late. Knowing what’s going wrong is half the battle.

Good luck all of you at Fort next week. God help those at the forum meet.

Phil Tombs. (tombzy) 57. FTP. Panorama
Mick Boswell. (milek) 57. Ripley. Panorama
Mick Monaghan. (mikmon) 56. HW101. Rhino
Martin Thomasson. (tomo) 54. FTP. MTC Connect
Dave Freeman. (DaveF). 54. DSMKIV. Delta
Karl Guest. (rattus). 53. TM1000. Vortex Viper
Stew Powell. (stew). 51 (R) HW97. Panorama
Graham Cole (gracole). 51. MPR. Vortex Viper
Mark Tansley. 50. AAS510. MTC Viper
Ry Tombs. 50. FX Bobcat. Panorama.
Chris Pritchard. (ChrisP) 49. FTP. E B Sniper
Perry Broad. (pez) 49. HW97. MTC Viper
Kevin Brooks (kev_brooks) 49. EV2. Sidewinder
Bill Birch. (bill-b) 45. FTP. MTC Connect
Matt Pritchards. 42. Goldstar. MTC Connect.
Mitchell Birch (J). 38. Goldstar. MTC Connect.
Ian Sheppard. (jed-clampit) DNS. R-10. Vortex Viper
Darrin Lynn (xtx) DNS. EV2. Vortex
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