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Default JSB / AirAmmo

Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I have heard many rumours over the past few weeks about JSB only supplying Air Arms and Daystate. I've tried to contact Air Ammo to see if they are folding (i'd heard they were) but can't get an answer. I wondered if anyone had heard differently?

I've been in touch with Pavel at JSB and he's confirmed that only AA and Daystate will be re-badging JSB's. Webley havn't had any 7.9gr EE to rebadge to mossies due to allegedly not paying invioces.
The situation is that late November I asked JSB what was happening regarding pricing for 2010 as I hadn't heard anything and usually have by that time. The reply was that they had decided to deal with only one company as of 2010, which was Air Arms > Rothery. I assumed from this that Daystate & Webley would also lose access to JSB pellets regardless of the name on the label, however, if Chris is correct then I appear to have been given misleading information.
Only 4 months ago, after another attempt to shut me down failed, I was assured by JSB that they wouldn't stop supplying me but obviously something has happened in the meantime to change that situation.
I am expecting a delivery at the end of January, which will be my last and which under normal circumstances should last for about 4 months. I will obviously carry on trading until I run out of pellets so keep ordering, as Mike said in his post.
I would like to thank everyone that has dealt with me over the last 5 years and particularly those that supported me when similar situations arose in the past and voiced their opinions to JSB. I guess they now think you are captive consumers and will simply carry on ordering from your local retailer.

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