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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Hi Ryan, you can choose which session you want to shoot and it's just the one session. the emphasis is on having a bit of fun and meeting like minded people. Don't worry if it feels a but 'clicky' for your first shoot as the NEFTA lot are brilliant once you get to know a few. I'm planning on getting there around 7-30 to 8 and would be happy to shoot round with you if you're a bit apprehensive

There's also a couple of side shoots on like sillhouettes(sp?) and the pistol course but not everyone bothers with all of it and concentrate on the course. let me know mate if you fancy shooting round and we'll arrange to meet up on sun morning.
Thanks Chris,

That would be great. I've shot a couple of local HFT as part of the NW gauntlet series so not completely new, just never shot a NEFTA round.

If the offer still stands, I'd love to meet up and shoot with you.

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