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Default A little tension in the air...

I'm getting my excuses in early, before Miss England wakes up from her post Classic recovery (and the whiplash from me reversing into an anti ramraid bollard last night) and gives everyone the good news.

I was a little less than happy with sunday's performance. Missing a 25yd gimme low isn't in my general portfolio of springer pilot induced idiocy. My little friend the POI shift was back.

After much lamenting to anyone that would listen it was deduced that the stock may not be fitting so well. Further investigation of minds that know revealed that the 1mm of movement i had at the rear when the action was pressed into the stock, which rebounded like a spring when pressure was taken off was not a desired feature. And Mr D with his "it will be this or this pal" simple approach gave me two options...

1) either re- inlet the entire stock to get the profile right down it's length

2) drill out the fore-end screws so the action would lift at the front. Something Mr Woodhead said to do about 2 years ago

seeing as i didn't want her off the circuit for the weekend it was out with the only half blunt drill bit i possess, which fitted, and after charging the ever flat cordless, wonders were created.

This may give you an idea of just how far off the cups originally were. I've had to use large washers because the correct ones will pull themselves through the hole i've created, it was so far off.

If anyone wants some chewed brass fore-end cups they're in my bin. Roll on tawd!

That's my excuse for the week and i'm sticking to it. I'm hoping it will stop mr shift turning up again.

Now, does anyone know how to get 222 purple threadlock out of a cream carpet?
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