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I think I'm broken

The Classic is the king of comps, it truly is. Saturday's course was probably the best course I've ever shot, amazing work and placement.

Didn't do that well on paper but I really enjoyed myself but when someone can score 38/33 and still not get in the top five you know you are shooting against the best.

Big thanks to John for the company, advice and encouragement all weekend, a real pleasure and I'll see you at MFTA for the summer league.

Well done to all the winners, you truly earned it.

Thanks to Robbo and all the crew that put the work in, it's one of the best comps there is and I'll be drinking a beer to you later

I'm off to get a round of Silli's in (how comes it always falls apart for me on "Load Your..."

See you next year for more of the same.
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