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If i had known you where there Dave i would have made a point of finding you, the Nightforce 2.5-10x24scope was awsome, a definite improvememt over the bushnell 10x40 i uses to use, even out to 55 i had good clarity with no noticeable px error, i was shooting a resetable 55 yarder on the zero range and it was too easy so i resorted to shooting it standing with more hits than misses, i had a shoot with a couple of other guns with 3200 10x40's on back to back with my own gun, there are like night and day, they are that different! i have spoilt myself now though, theres no going back!!
I have a very slight blurr at 8 yards but as it was clear beyond 55 i might adjust the px a little more for proper hft.
I cant wait for normal temperatures to resume to elimanate the problems i experienced yesterday.
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