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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
I know of one person ordered 6Ft/Lbs by mistake , took it open himself to increase power to 12Ft/Lbs using the kit .
He's in all kinds of mess now , a rifle that only just gets just over 10Ft/Lbs , and he's not sure if he can return it now under warranty , my guess would be no , but shops in the EU do tend to try and help the best they can.
I hope the guy gets a satisfactory outcome.
I'm currently in this situation with a 7.5J model. Was shipped the lower-output version with a 16J transfer port included (at the seller's request); however I can't get much more than around 10.5ftlb from the rifle through striker adjustment alone.

Given the amount of control the rifle design gives you (reg pressure, port size, striker spring preload) I'm confident that it can be nudged a bit closer to the limit with some tweaking; although this is a pain and shouldn't be necessary tbh.

I've got a thread on the more technical aspects running here if anyone is interested

One other thing to bear in mind is that the "7.5J" version was actually exceeding this when I tested it; so I'd be a bit wary of the same happening with a 16J version and dropping you in it with Customs (if tested) - perhaps that was why the seller suggested shipping the 7.5J version instead..?

There are also some other problems with the rifle and tbh if the seller doesn't sort something soon the guns will be going back for a refund and I'll take my money elsewhere.

Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post

If you put a silencer of the Standard H5 semi , your going to have a long rifle ( it's not the shortest any way ) but I over came this by using a Roedale calibre specific silencer made in Germany , very small and dumpy in shape , actually looks the dogs danglys on it , and works great , much much shorter than any other silencer i have seen for an air rifle.

They speak excellent English
Sounds interesting (which model is it?) - the link doesn't work though; am I correct that this is the place?

In response to my original post I've now handled both guns and everything is pretty much as you'd expect - the Scout handles faster but the standard gun feels more stable in the shoulder. I went with the standard gun in the end and (problems above notwithstanding) am generally happy with it.. it's big / long but not overly heavy and handles well
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