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Both ,but be sure to tell them what you want .
I know of one person ordered 6Ft/Lbs by mistake , took it open himself to increase power to 12Ft/Lbs using the kit .
He's in all kinds of mess now , a rifle that only just gets just over 10Ft/Lbs , and he's not sure if he can return it now under warranty , my guess would be no , but shops in the EU do tend to try and help the best they can.
I hope the guy gets a satisfactory outcome.
If you put a silencer of the Standard H5 semi , your going to have a long rifle ( it's not the shortest any way ) but I over came this by using a Roedale calibre specific silencer made in Germany , very small and dumpy in shape , actually looks the dogs danglys on it , and works great , much much shorter than any other silencer i have seen for an air rifle.

They speak excellent English
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