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Originally Posted by Caseyhandby View Post
Hi everyone I'm doing a charity white collar boxing event on the 14th June for cancer research for rick.he did a lot for our club and the people that new him.theres not much you can do to help so I thought id put myself through abit of pain for 8 weeks training and a 3 2min bout on the 14th June to raise as much money as I can for cancer research uk.
I wil be bringing my sponsorship forms to the next round at fort and would be very grateful if you could sponsor me.its for a very good cause and everyone has been affected some way by cancer so please be generous to try and get a cure for it

Just put ur names underneath if you would donate please so I hav a rough idea on how many forms to bring

Cheers folks
Please bring some sponsorship forms to Furnace Mill for the Rose Bowl on Sunday as well. I'm sure everyone would be happy to donate to such a worthy cause.
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