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Bottom line is that there is only the one real competition on the day and that is the top scores in AA grade. (Yes there is Open and Sillies). What I mean is that if you only miss 2 targets you know you are in with a chance of the top spot and the other top shots know they have to beat 2. Now if you are nearing the end of the course and you have only dropped, say, 7 but are in A or B you don't actually know how you stand until after Stats has worked out all the scores for that Grade but you do know you are very unlikely to be pressuring the AAs. So anything other than AA is an artificial competition on the day. If you really fancy your chances then elect to shoot AA and feel the pressure (although I think you can only elect to go up one grade??). It doesn't affect the grading as that is not dependent on the grade but is the average of 20 competitions over years.

In fact - how many people have had a really good session, felt very happy with their score, set off home only to find out that they got a trophy and got their hands on it at the next GP?

The GP series is primarily to sort out the top shots in the UK i.e. AAs trophies for "others" is always going to have the ominous "ringer" overtones.

If you aren't in the top 20 then the best thing is to enjoy the shoot, feel good about the ones you got that you never thought you could and focus on not having to spare any thought for the misses as they will decrease in number as you get better :-)
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