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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
That 'system' as a whole is a reliable system - improving the maths won't make that system better, no matter what maths you use for a prediction system there will always be outliers and anomalies with whatever calculation you use.
Bri if I could answer that question I'd be typing this from a beach with 7 expert nurses just in case, I'd be on the stock market with maths that could solve problems like that.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
The 'system' we have in FT of encouraging shooters to elect a higher grade is to initially make a subtle suggestion to them that they should elect a higher grade, if that suggestion goes unheeded then the next phase is when they go up to collect a Trophy we all chant "RINGER" at the presentation. The more people that chant the more obvious it should be to the shooter that perhaps electing a higher grade would earn them more respect from their peers. It works surprisingly well despite the maths
I'm pretty close to this and it's a real dilemma, I want to earn it but equally I don't want to be taking stuff off people who've worked their socks off.

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