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The Nightforce got an outing today at Tawd Vale in the SFT class, it was a last minute decision to go so i was a bit unprepared and it was also out to 55 yards, the gun was last used for some 40 yard pellet testing so i had to adjust the elevation on the zero range before i started, this was not a problem but it also needed a few clicks of windage? maybe this was caused by the -4 deg temperature!!
I decided to shoot it proper HFT style with no scope adjustments even though they where allowed, all was going well untill i shot a close target without holding over, Doh! just an absent minded mistake by me, then at the end of the course i missed 4 out of the last 5 kz's, on completing the course i rechecked the zero and the windage i had put on earlier had to come off again to correct the poi, so the difference in temp from -4 to +2 had an effect on something, breech mounts scope or a combination, maybe steal mounts on an alloy rail and scope are the problem?
I still won but should have had 5 points more!! the other miss's where just down to me!

One of these days i will put in a good result and come away knowing that all the mistakes where down to me, but i supose we are all in the same boat at the moment dealing with the problems that extremes of temperature bring.

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