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With this event being on Saturday therefore not clashing with any other events the turn out could be quite large!? With no booking in list how do we know if there will be 1 or 2 shooting sessions?
If the start is intended to be 11.0am with 2 sessions Possible/probable, it is possible shooting will continue until 5.30pm then an hour to collate the scores and do draws presentations etc resulting in me not getting home until after 9pm! That's a long day out to attend a fun shoot!

The Daystate midlands often attracted more than 100 entries for the single session shoots which resulted in a very slow shoot when there was more than 3 to a peg. If more than 90 book in will 2 sessions be the order of the day?

So my question is can you guarantee that I will be shooting 1st session regardless of whether there is 1 or 2 sessions?

If an entry list had been run with a limit of 90 entries we could arrive knowing how long the event would run, turning up not knowing if I am going to be home before 9pm is not an option.
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