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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Nah, he's just a prissy primadonna FT diva who is constantly kicking off. If the hotel room doesn't face south so his cheetah skin undercrackers can dry out the window it's tears time. His Choccamoccalatte lite has to be on tap, and woe betide if the car taking him to the range parks more than 4" away from the kerb. This "won't do lifts" thing isn't because he likes the exercise, it's because he simply can't stand sharing.

They're all like it the top FT mob...

Ayers - can't travel around the globe clockwise
Costello - just will not do Mondays
Gillott - chews the furniture if left alone
Taylor - must have white doves and lillies in his hotel room
Wood - proper screaming tantrums in supermarkets abroad because you can't get Kitkats there
Robinson - cannot be without his Tamagotchi for more than 10 minutes
Stenton - banned from every bendy bus in the EU

The springer team want capes as their team gear, ironic as half of them won't fly unless drugged to the eyeballs or pickled in red wine, and one of them steals door knobs at every given opportunity.

That's what we're taking to Lithuania.

It's exhausting.
The letter from yorkshire traction read summet like. Mr stenton you left your wallet and matching beige and brown pant set on the back of the X19 bendy bus from doncaster to barnsley. If you can call to the depot after work, you can have the bus you mucky b4stard.
That all i'm admiting to at the moment.....
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