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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Not really what I'm talking about Scott but if you had a system that worked on just hits, my score would go down because it wouldn't be falsely inflated by what the top shooter did. I keep a record of just hits (57%) and my Rolling 20 (63%) just so I know exactly how "I'm" doing. I'm not looking for a hand out or fast track so to speak, I know I've got to start hitting more and become more consistent. I'm just interested in finding a system that would be more accurate in reporting. I'm just really interested in stats to start with so it appeals to me to have a neb.
Your score tells you how many you hit

Your grade is a tool to compare shooters across different courses and different conditions, both of which can make your score and result vary, a lot.

It does rely on the assumption you have a shooter at the top to orientate your grades around, which is perhaps the flaw with regional results being used to place a shooter into the national system, and vice versa. But there is a way around that, and given that more betterer (technical term that) systems are more complex (Helen can list them all being one of those analytical & statistical accountant types), it's not probably so important that the system is understood as long as it does what everyone thinks it should.

I don't mean to be condescending, but it is a trait of new shooters that they judge everything by score. In fact more experienced ones do as well, but to a far lesser extent... but you'll often hear of PB's being mentioned... and while that's nice and encouraging for the new shooter, experience will tell them a 30 on a 50 course that's tough is a better result than a 30 on a course where you can throat everything. Which is why you'll see some top shooters muttering about 1-2 shots missed because given the ease which the other 48/49 came, they should have had them.

They're just numbers for certain purposes. Ultimately score isn't a reflection on how you shot either. It's just a score. It leads to a result. It counts the hits. What is a reflection on how you shot is how you shot. Fluking a 55 yder, edge split, with a hold that a shivering tooth chattering Chihuahua would be proud of may give you a score of 1 out of 1, and if that's the only target then it's a potential winning result... but it's not a good shot, and next time it may not be a good result.
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