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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I think the last thing we need is a more complex system, which why I mentioned just hits vs hit+top shooter, it couldn't get any simpler and I can say and demonstrate 100% that one is more accurate than the other.

Is it a load of work? Not really, a CSV run through a database with one variable, a chimp could do it.
If it's hidden, no one knows or really needs to know how complex it is.

But if you're comparing a 45 on a GP course and saying that's like a 36 on a winter league then you'll get into all sorts of problems with people complaining that on a day when it's blowing hoolie no-one puts in a AA score if they don't get over 34/40 and on a quiet day when loads of people do, they're all AA... no matter who turns up.

If it's such a solid idea, we could say we don't all need to meet up, and we could just use %'s to hand out trophies and team places...

Session variations aside, you compete against competitors, not the ease of the course and conditions.
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