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Originally Posted by dia6olo View Post
It could be as much as a few weeks before I get the chance to test the pellets further (properly), I therefore got a little impatient and ordered 4 sleeves of pellet number 3 JSB 4.51 21480014 2 because I was worried they wouldn't be available if I left it too long. I don't shoot a huge amounts of pellets over a weekend and 4 sleeves can easily last me 5 years!

I received the pellets today and mentioned in an earlier post that they were amongst the roughest if not the roughest visually looking pellet of the 13 batches I tested, I visually inspected one of the tins and that was not the case with this particular tin were visually they looked quite tidy. Maybe my original test batch had been manhandled somewhat...

I shot with the original test batch this past Sunday at my local club, nothing special just a bit of HFT practice.
I've been shooting FT/HFT on and off for 16 years now and feel like I know when something isn't right with either a gun, gun/pellet combination, my execution of the shot or a zero setting.

Wind aside, pellets were landing exactly were I expected them to land suggesting they will group quite nicely further out.

What I'd like to do is test them indoors, over two synchronised chronos with one 12 inches or so from the muzzle and the other 50 yards downrange.
Ideally with the rifle clamped in a vice so that as well as getting genuine chrono readings I would get genuine group capabilities.
I want to avoid using a combro or anything similar that can potentially interfere with the barrels natural behaviour.

I haven't got the equipment to carry out that test but hoping to have it over the next few weeks, because of that I decided to gamble a little on the purchase of the said pellets for fear of them not being available in a few weeks.
I will of course report my findings when I finally get round to carrying that test out.
Keep an eye on Atherton Bruno they tell me that upstairs is opening soon with 65yds .
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