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The big problem is the variation between and within regions and grades. The assumption is that all courses are equally demanding.

For a top region with hundreds of FT shooters the %ages probably reflect ability but with the shear number of AAs in NEFTA and MFTA there will be "B" grades who would be A or AA in other less populated regions i.e. percentages are always dominated by the chances of a really good AA having a very good day (e.g. top scores of 48 or 49 out of 50).

If the courses really are the same level of difficulty then targets hit makes most sense.

I have expressed the view at BFTA meetings that the GP series should only use GP event scores for comparisons and that grades based on GP and regional 30-shot events are not comparable. In that way you also remove the claims of "ringer" and it encourages participation as you would need a minimum number of GP events (in a fixed number of years) before being GP-Graded and of course the final positions could be based on the then "Grade" after the final GP determines the grade category for the trophy. I.e. someone may start in GP-A but with a great series could then be GP-AA.

The GP series should simply be based on targets hit and the final placings based on a minimum number of events and tied totals sorted out in a shootoff or simply have joint holders. I think it is ludicrous that a 0.05% or similar difference can make someone 1st rather than 2nd. Why not make that decision based on the best or worst single event of the series so that the most consistent competitor takes the spot.

So, for most folk the grades are meaningless as are the trophies for the GP series other than for the top AAs as often A and B winners are turning in AA scores???

How about a simple - 10points for a win, 8 for second, 7 for 3rd, etc based solely on targets hit. Add the points up and award end of series trophies based on that. Works for many other sports. Or top score gets a 1, second 2 all the way down to 150 and the lowest total wins the series i.e. least misses (listen to any AA discussing scores and they all talk in terms of the misses - "got a 3").

After all you don't hit 94.567% of a KZ or miss by 5.433% - you get a 1 or a 0. We score integers so the results should be based on whole numbers.

Shake it up and try something that is more relevant.
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