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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
It's a interesting point Rob and not one that I think is that true in practice. What your saying does sound like it would be normally the case but when you put Ian, Andy, Gilly and Neil etc etc into that mix above it is true at all. Sunday being the perfect example

Yes there are a lot of variables, some of them impossible to fix. I guess I just have a different view. I get my rolling 20 from Simon every 6 months but I also keep a record of just the target hits so I know what my "real" % is
Yep, it's true in practice. I've been to GP's not even won in the 40's... and then the next one barely a shot dropped. Conditions vary. Courses vary. Your competition is your only measure, because that's the measure of the course's difficulty when it was shot.
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