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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Grading isn't about the amount of targets hit though. Because on a still day on an easy course the chunk of scores will be much higher yet on a blowy day the chunk will be much further away from a clear. Yet a 40 out of 50 targets would represent totally different levels of performance. % of targets doesn't really tell anyone how you faired against the competition, which is the point of competition or grading.

Different sessions aren't ideal but we all have a choice of which one we can attend.
It's a interesting point Rob and not one that I think is that true in practice. What your saying does sound like it would be normally the case but when you put Ian, Andy, Gilly and Neil etc etc into that mix above it is true at all. Sunday being the perfect example

Yes there are a lot of variables, some of them impossible to fix. I guess I just have a different view. I get my rolling 20 from Simon every 6 months but I also keep a record of just the target hits so I know what my "real" % is
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