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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I've found the opposite on my EV2 Bri.
Yup, that is precisely the whole point.

At some point in time, Simon came to the decision that lubing pellets was a good idea - I don't know what process he went through to come to that conclusion, but I'm guessing it was probably 50m group sizes.

You've done some tests and have the opposite opinion. Again, I don't know the process you went through to come to that conclusion... downrange group sizes again perhaps?

When you have two people coming up with two different answers, the question that's interesting is why are they different?

Are they in fact not different, but there's an error in the test procedure used (downrange group sizes)? Are they different for other reasons?

If we can isolate the testing procedure and adopt a more repeatable process, then it brings us closer to an answer.

I'm not saying that downrange chrono testing is the answer, but until we have enough people coming up with test data for analysis we won't know if it is the answer or not. I think it shows promise though.
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