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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
I got a white coat (taken straps off it)

I got two pro chrono, one is bfta but its mine this week!
I will keep that at muzzle end as less chance me shooting it.
I put the other pro chrono at 50m (both read similar, bfta bout 5 fps + on average one behind the other)
I got 4 batches of pellet
I shoot, record fps. look at groups?

what do it do next?
go through all your permutations with each pellet Mr wizzard .
eg ...sized /not sized.
lubed /not.
weight sorted/not
......then stripper 1on /off
......stripper2 etc
......barrel clean /leaded
air temp readings might be interesting and relevant or not
gun temp reading ...the same... etc etc

air cylinder pressures for each test ....
reg pressure at time of test .....
it goes on but think of all the variables and try the ones you think are important before changing to the next pellet .
try to fill to same level at the start of each cycle
a shot counter might help you recognise a pattern or trend....

oh yeah try to "sunlight proof " your chronos would be a shame to do all that work only to find that the readings are out of whack because the light changed at some point.

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