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Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
There's been a couple of posts about which is the best scope to have for H.F.T. But what about the best stock designs?
One thing that seems to be a regular component in a winning HFT rifle is a target style pistol grip (as opposed to the sporting style grip, found for example on the standard S4x0). Dommies, Steyrs, custom stocks fitted to Daystates, they often seem to have the target style grip.

Makes sense when you think about it. The sporter style grip is found often on shotties where you're often standing, shooting upwards and at a moving target. The sporting style grip is well suited for this.

HFT on the other hand is a static target sport, often shot prone. The target style grip allows the wrist a much more natural position. Anything that relaxed the trigger finger hand has got to help.

(I've said this on and off for a quite a while, shame I don't shoot as well as I reason! )

Also with more unsupported standers being at greater ranges a reasonably deep fore-end with a reasonable heft to the rifle for stability is useful.

Adjustable cheek pieces and adjustable butt-pads are good too.

Hmmm...seems like FT rifles fit the bill quite well!

Thing is though, in HFT you can put in a respectable score with an unmodified S4x0, which is what's so great about HFT.

Just goes to show, the Welsh do come up with good ideas now and again!
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