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Looks like I wasn't the only one then

Sighted it at home - 35 yards bang on

Went onto the Zero range and found that majority of my shots were going left, 'just the wind I thought' but then I would get a couple right....strange I thought

I came to the conclusion that the scope must of been shooting to the left as the majority of the shots were going left and the wind was actually blowing right, hence the couple to the right

So started fiddling around, realised how stupid I'd been as speaking to a couple of guys they said the wind is known to change direction all of a sudden (hence the lefts and rights), then didn't know where my original zero was! So I was stuck with no idea...tried my best to sight it but it's not exactly easy in the wind :roll eyes:

I did the same as you, when I get home had a few shots to see how far out I was....gun was shooting 25mm to the right and 5mm here

It was my first HFT event so I think I'm allowed this minor mistake

Still had a great time though, even if the score was terribly low
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