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Talking Brilliant Course, Great Day, Oh and I Beat Rob... Again

What a wonderful day!!

I must admit I was apprehensive at 5am when we got up as it was so cold and with the threat of rain on top I did question my sanity in attempting my first GP after 3 years so soon after being able to shoot again.....

Fear not - Yes it was cold and I had every item of clothing on that I could find, but I soon forgot about the cold - partly because my extremities simply went numb but mainly due to it being a brilliant course. It was easy to get round, the level gates made it much more about making a good shot rather than how well you can balance and shoot the gun whilst tied in a knot. The change in sides although grumbled about by some I found it kept me on my toes thinking about each shot as the wind direction changed so much with each lane.

The wind was tricky but I loved every minute. Thanks to Rob and Simon my partners for the day. I had such a laugh, shot out of my skin getting my best ever GP score of 34 - oh and making it two times in a row that I beat rob!!! This time by 7 targets!!!

Just to make sure everyone heard that... I BEAT ROB..... AGAIN!!!

I hope to come back to Avon Hawkes again, really loved the whole course. See you at NEFTA next week and roll on GP2!!!
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