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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
This is what I believe at the moment :

Muzzle Velocity

Is this all a bit anal and nerdy? wouldn't you be better served just putting in more practice?

Quite possibly. But... since I put that thread up some time ago about pellet selection with downrange chrono testing, I've had quite a lot of shooters approach me to share their own findings and what every single one of them has found is about the same as dia6olo's results - some batches of pellets seem to be significantly more efficient than other batches, and it doesn't seem to be at all related to the head size on the tin, in fact there doesn't seem to be a way other than testing the pellets to predict if it's going to be a good pellet or a bad pellet.

You can't tell by looking at the pellets or measuring them. (some dies produce longer pellets, and there are slight differences in pellet shape from one die to the next - shallow skirt / deep skirt for example).

So if you believe that (and the test results are pretty convincing!) then it makes sense to find a pellet through whatever means you prefer and buy as many of that die/batch of pellet as you can afford. (That's pretty common advice from most of the top shots in both FT and HFT).

If you're going to buy a lot of pellets, then it makes sense to do a bit of testing (however anal and nerdy that might be) before parting with a significant wedge of wonga.
My thinking, ignoring the benefits of a higher BC & the advantages it offers in both wind & trajectory (though granted we are not talking massive advantages in most cases), is that it highlights that the pellet with a high/highest BC is stable in flight, theoretically that alone should make the pellet a good grouper?

I would like to add regarding your post that pellet 3 in my little test which overall produced the best numbers was amongst the roughest if not the roughest looking pellet of the 13 pellets I tested which just goes to show...
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