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One thing to throw in the mix.

I have 2 batches of express... i can't remember what shape they are, if they're the same as mozzies or different or different to each other. I also don't even know what one tin weighs... (i know the others are really tight spread... 7.7 - 8.0, 10 outside of that in the 500 i weighed.

One pellet appears to be shooting fast in my springer (which is a pain) because it groups well. The other groups shocking... and drops 20-30mm lower (estimated) at 55yds. I've got no idea about it's MV. But it groups well in both my walther, and when it's grouping anything, my steyr. Other walthers like it as well. The batch that's in my springer shotguns, so badly that I would sell them because they are no use to me. (that or put them conor's pellet pouch at the classic)

Both are 4.52

so perhaps i'll see if we can get two chrono's up sometime for some testing and see what the BC is like... because it's possible it could not be pellet related, but batch and barrel related, and if that's the thing we're looking for then it will mean the best we can hope for blind buying is to get the same batch & barrel make as another...

it could be why I only saw benefits in sizing in walthers.
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