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Brilliant course, everything was spot on. Hand on heart, that's the possibly the best FT course I've ever shot

Levelling the shooting points out was a great addition and I wish other clubs would go to all of that effort.

I started out really well, but as I got round to about the midway point and couldn't see misses on the plate to give me a clue about what the wind was doing, the wheels fell off. I think that's probably true of most the springer shooters on the course and one of the challenges we face

There were some targets on the course where I just didn't have a clue where to aim, and pretty much took to making a wild guess and got it wrong most of the time. I really need to pick Ian T's brains on how the hell he managed to read that wind because it totally foxed me.

I would absolutely love to see what international WFTF shooters would make of that course, I suspect it would lead to many selling up and taking up an easier sport instead

Full results will be available as soon as possible.. waiting on the results spreadsheet to come back from Avon Hawks and I've still got some coding to finish of on the GP Scoring system. I'm on the case though...
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