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Default Who's got the biggest knob?

Oooops, the question was supposed to be: Who is the biggest knob?

In this case, I would like to nominate myself. Please let me explain.

I have both my Air Arms HFT 500 and Ultimate Sporter, set up to be as close as possible to give the same aim points. Same mounts, same scopes, same stocks, same pellets and same zero's.

I have always had this sneaky opinion that the Sightron SIII on my Ultimate Sporter gave a superior sight picture to the Sightron SIII on my HFT 500. On Wednesday of last week, I decided to swap them over, only to find that the sight picture when shouldering the Ultimate Sporter was still superior to the sight picture with my HFT 500. Aha! so it's not the scopes, it's the actual set up of mounts and stock that must be different.

So, Friday night, little more than 24 hours before Rd 1 of UKAHFT at Quarry, I was stupid enough to adjust scope position and stock settings on my HFT 500 to try and mirror the set up of my Ultimate Sporter. It was only after this was achieved, late on Friday night, that I thought to check the weather forecast for Saturday. Oh dear, not good!

I attempted a quick zeroing session on Sunday morning, before travelling down to Quarry, but the wind wouldn't settle for long enough for me to be able to gauge if I needed to make any changes. So I decided to take my punishment like a man and trudge out onto the course at Quarry, without knowing if my set up was properly zeroed.

The first target I missed, I noticed the pellet landed high and right. The same happened on the next target I missed. I made small compensations for what I was seeing, but it wasn't enough, and I ended up getting my backside well and truly spanked by the course and conditions, walking off the course with a 47/60. A relatively average score for the afternoon session, but it could (and should) have been so much better.

This morning we had a gentle 2 to 3 mph breeze in Oswestry, so I nipped down to one of my farm permissions where I'm allowed to plink, and set up a target board at my zero of 25 yards. The following photo's at least prove what went wrong. They also prove what a knob I am, fiddling with my set up, so close to a competition, especially when I didn't know if I would get the opportunity to check the results. Lesson learned and one which I will not be doing again.

It seems that I was out by 3 clicks of elevation and 4 clicks of windage. What a knob!

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