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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Excellent bit of testing dia6olo

Really interesting to see such thorough testing.

A couple of points that I find most interesting, if you were to select pellets based on how efficient they are at the muzzle, then you might have chosen pellet 5 with an MV of 795, but that actually ended up having one of the worst BC's out of the test samples and would be a poor choice.

It also highlights to me that if you buy pellets based on head size alone you take complete pot luck as to whether it's going to be a good batch or a terrible batch and pellets that outwardly look identical can perform very very differently.

It'd be interesting to hear how your selected batches perform at 50 yards.

Keep up the good work, it's far more valuable to have decent scientific testing than anecdotal theories that are often based on very limited and highly subjective testing.
From a velocity spread perspective, pellet 9 actually performed best with a max spread of 4 & 4.7 fps at muzzle & 17 yards respectively.
It also grouped very well only just shaded out by pellet 3.
It did however lose out a little in BC although far from a disaster coming in at a BC of 0.0227.

Pellet number 5 and 11 were shockers in the BC stakes!

Pellet 7 which actually had the widest spread at 17 yards actually printed the worst group followed by pellet 11 & 1...
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