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I am sure I speak for the Rest of the Avon Hawks members (of which I am a bit of a sleeper really) when I say thanks for all the nice comments about the course today. It really is appreciated.

When I suggested to Mark Sheppeard that Avon hawks could host a gp, I dont think at first (several months ago) he was convinced, but a little coaxing and I think its affair to say it was an excellent course and just the start to the Gp season that is needed. Superb work by all the grounds men and a great Job by Christiene in stats today, for which I add my personal thanks as it allowed me to shoot and whitness one of if not the best Master Class in ft shooting I have ever seen. Thanks to Ex El C for making me look good and to the Master Ian Taylor for the experience. Great company and shooting

Hopefully it will only be 2 years and not 20 (since last AH GP) before another gp is held at this classic Ground. As Dan the Beared lady said, a bit of old school feel to this.

I am doing the results now but only just got in after 4am start, so will get them to Robot Shaun via brian asap.

Awesome - That's Ian Taylor

I was OrwmissedagainSime!

At no point in the message did I mention I pumped the Dwarf.

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