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Originally Posted by XTX View Post
I was going to chrono a GS at the club this weekend, to work out the BC and 50 yard pellet speed. The GS I was hoping to use went back last week and was swapped for a HW100 because it kept on leaking and the owner got the hump. Somebody else had a new GS at the club, so not all was lost... before I got a chance to chrono it the fill valve failed and he could not fill it Maybe next time
I had mine leak from the gauge end some 10 days after purchase. I emptied the cylinder and tightened the gauge assembley, then all was OK. It seems BSA are causing leaks by trying to orientate the gauge a particular way. Another point to note: you need to use the fill adapter supplied with the gun, the older version that worked with the MMC models won't work with the SE.

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