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A couple of people have asked me about machining up Goldstar SE barrels to fit Steyrs etc but there are a couple of problems:
The short Steyr has a 450mm long barrel, the Goldstar SE has a 15" (385mm) barrel so it will barely make it through the chassis and will look poo. You would also need to cut the port etc out of the BSA barrel before sleeving it to 16mm, which would make it even shorter.

The second problem is the availability of the barrels, or lack thereof. BSA are pushing most of their parts to production and very little to spares, not just GS parts but a lot of other models as well.

I was going to chrono a GS at the club this weekend, to work out the BC and 50 yard pellet speed. The GS I was hoping to use went back last week and was swapped for a HW100 because it kept on leaking and the owner got the hump. Somebody else had a new GS at the club, so not all was lost... before I got a chance to chrono it the fill valve failed and he could not fill it Maybe next time
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