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Default another dead nikko

Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
I'm an engineer by trade and I can't get it back on so hopefully someone higher up the food chain can sort me out.

The problem is that I bought it second hand from a guy who got it from Uttings but doesn't have any paperwork as proof of purchase so I'm in the lap of their customer services.

The main fear I have is the realisation that it won't be sorted in time for the classic but I'm in denial at the moment........
If your an engineer and you can't get it on, what chance has the office numpty at highland got
If you want a proper scope with a proper warrantee no matter who the owner is or how much paper work you don't have ,try my leupold 40 comp.
A lot lighter than your Mk3 and can be taken to Avon Hawks next Sunday, Leupold is were you'll end up in a couple of years any
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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