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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
Hi Paul, when you say wheel has come off,do you mean the shaft has snapped,if so it will have to go back,you could take it to big Chris at swillington and ask him to send it back? If the shaft has gone get Chris to ring them thay may just give you another one or thay may want to see it but thay don't rush,
Nothing has snapped, the threaded collar that holds the drive gear has somehow worked itself loose and it's come away from the body. It looks easy enough to put back on but the internal lever is a gnats doodah to far back to line up enough to enable me to put it back on!

It's VERY frustrating

I bought the scope from a fella at my club who bought it from Uttings but he doesn't have the receipt so my bad luck continues! I can't see 'Big Chris' at Swillington's being interested really but appreciate your advice.
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