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As Andy (Sneaky Rodent ) has already mentioned we have a god friendly bunch of keen HFT shooters in the Ponty club now, some actually shoot both disciplines of HFT and FT, and there are a few mixed HFT/SFT/FT shoots as well such as the Winter league.

To be honest I rarely go to the club but do shoot most of the HFT shoots through the summer.

I am sure that everyone will be more than helpful with you and they will take into consideration that you have not entered any comps before, but although some of us take it fairly serious , it is also a social occasion where you will get lots of advice (probably too much) but just jump in and you will learn fast.

Treat the first few shoots as a learning curve, and you will do ok.It sounds like you have already got your head around the basics but one thing I would say, is dont rely on bracketing too much to start with, just use it as a back up, and practice range finding by eye and blur to start with. There are a lot of dodgey sized targets waiting for people to fall into the trap.

Oh and if the bug bites, then be prepared to be trying a different scope out every few months until you settle on something that suits. What scope suits you is a lottery as there is no fixed model of scope that we all use, as everyone can get on with one scope, that others cannot see through!

Just enjoy it. Good luck.

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