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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I know you shouldn't use silicon based lubricant on metal to metal surfaces, but I improved the smoothness of the cocking slide no end, by rubbing just the merest hint of silicon grease into the flank sides of the slide.
I might have to try that. Mine is still a bit of a pig to cock. No idea how much the previous owners used it but I've put over a 1,000 pellets through in the last month. Speaking to other owners, some seem to smoothen naturally, others never do.

Mine had already had the shroud milled off and the barrel/cylinder carbon wrapped. Mine is far more accurate than the wally pulling the trigger except when using JSB Exacts; when it starts doing a shotgun impression.

Downsides are mostly the weight. It carries a lot of weight towards the muzzle and due to the design you can't really mount the hamster very far forward without risking poi change.

Something like the rowan adjustable knee rest would be brilliant for it, but would defeat the point. For me, I like that it is the Aldi rifle. Where air arms are Asda and your steyrs are wait rose there is a perverse pleasure to being able to compete with a rifle costing potentially a tenth of the opponents rifle (I paid 350 for mine recently).

Pay under 400 and they are a bargain.
Hammerli AR20ft - Dowling & Rowe 8-40x44 (looking for a T50 or Diamond)
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