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I've had mine for a year and a half; I bought it second hand and it had been modified by the previous owner and the one before that.

Within a week of getting it I realised it would outshoot my EV2 mark 1 and was a keeper.

Are there issues? Well, the manual says, don't tweak the trigger main sear engagement screw as the factory has done a good job which you won't improve on. Gulp, they are right, if you know what I mean.

It has a double reg; the first reg is intended to cut 300 bar down to 200 bar which is more comfortable for the second reg. Now, I think that is not a good design concept. Regs tend to let by at some time in their lives, and if the first one lets by then the second one sees 300 bar or close to, which is not its design figure. So, I never fill mine much above 200 bar and that gives enough shots anyway.

One day I will make a new grip, as there is not much potential for a thumb-up grip; the main arm of the stock gets in the way.
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