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Online booking for GP1 will close on Monday morning, we have 141 registered so far and there are still places available in the PM session if you would like to spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon shooting at tin chickens among some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, in glorious sunshine and in a beautiful location.

Seriously, unless you're on a promise from the Mrs on Sunday and you're into FT, then this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Don't feel intimidated by it being a "Grand Prix", if you're new to the sport or returning after a break shooting a GP is the best way to improve your shooting and there'll be loads of knowledgeable friendly people there to give you help and advice.

Also.... the final grading list has been updated now and set, so the grade on the list above is the grade you're down to be shooting.

If you're on the list, the GP scoring computer thinks you're coming and although I personally wouldn't hold it against you, Robot Shaun might decide to start you on a standing lane for the rest of the season if you register online and then don't turn up on the day without letting him know first (by cancelling your online registration).

If you can't make it, please cancel your online booking.
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