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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Thanks Simon, but please don't upgrade them... if that moves a shooter who hasn't entered a comp then they'll be in a different grade from when they started the season!

The grades are updated twice a year. Its fine if you want to do the prediction thing, but if you change them it will cause chaos.
I think it was something that was touched on at the BFTA AGM Rob.

The way it's going to work for the 2015 GP season is that scoring will be controlled by Robot Shaun, the GP Scores computer. Robot Shaun can cope with a change of grade at any time, but the grades it will use are the ones I linked to a couple of posts ago.

Any decision to change a shooters grade mid season will ultimately be made by Human Shaun regardless of the BFTA Grading list. The situation we're thinking of here is when a new shooter takes part in a GP, they're automatically put into A grade, which is quite a daunting grade to start off in, so if after a few shoots it's clear that A grade is a bit of a stretch for them, we have the facility to re-grade them to a more fitting grade.

and of course, any shooter can elect a higher grade at any time during the season now, they don't have to elect a higher grade at the start, they can elect a higher grade on the morning of GP7 if they like.

But, ultimately - all decisions like that will come down to Human Shaun.
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