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Yup totally agree Rob

If you're relying on results you've had down the range to come to a conclusion that x system is better in the wind than y system, then you're very very likely to have overlooked some variables which effectively make the results pretty much worthless.

As a pretty good starting point I'd say it's a good idea to assume that 200 years of ballistic theory isn't too far off the mark.

Chris if you want to borrow my downrange chrono again for some 50y testing of Lee's BSA, just giz a shout.

Personally, I think there's a good chance that the new BSA barrels are more efficient. If you could prove that with a chrono at 50yards then the next step would be for someone to fit a BSA barrel to their Steyr for example and then test that on a downrange chrono. If you did that, it might indicate whether it's the barrel, the air delivery system or a combination of the two.

All interesting stuff and if it turns out to be true, then I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few top FT and HFT shooters starting making enquiries about perhaps buying a BSA barrel for their gun.

Barrels and pellets are two areas I think still have plenty of room for improvement in the airgun world.

Don't get too excited though - even a barrel that takes less wind still isn't going to win any competitions for you on it's own, it might give you an extra target or two though if you do your bit.
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