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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
Not ideal, as I had to rod the pellets muzzle to breach, I'll sort out a way of doing it properly later.

The choke feels reasonably tight, but most interesting is that the lands appear to have soft edges, so instead of getting little rectangular 'bites' in the pellet, the marks are almost a lozenge shape.

There is some damage to the skirt of the pellet, but not much in comparison to other rifles I have looked at in the past, and I expect that will improve slightly as the barrel beds in / wears. So in about 10,000 pellets time.
Thanks for taking the time out to do that Neil.

Do you mean the rifling marks are like this \/ or this \_/ rather than this |_| ?
Hope these ascii chars show up ok!

My guess is that rifling lands of that middle shape would be less prone to burrs on the edges, especially if the edges were rounded slightly.
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