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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I shot mine Chris, it wasn't the best decision I have ever made! I had had good scores with a 2nd and 1st at a couple of small comps with it using a connect scope so decided to fit the NF and use it at Kelmarsh. I fitted the NF and shot Lincoln with dire results finishing 10 points down on K who won it! I concluded the taper on the cheek piece was the problem so I went back to the connect scope that aligns with the eye socket not the cheek piece but just couldn't range find with that scope well enough having only used it on 2 weekends inc Kelmarsh!
The reality is I needed more time to get the stock setup right and shouldn't have tried to use it for that comp until I had got it spot on, there was no room for error there!!
But yes it does impress in the wind. You are welcome to try mine at Quarry, I cant think of anywhere better to see what it can do.
Cheers Simon, i might just take you up on that.

I actually like the look of the Goldstar and the way it shoots but would have to do something about the farty sounding shots though. I'm sure Lee will be ok with me trying it side by side with the Steyr although it wouldn't de a definitive test as there will be variations straight away due to the different pellets used. if i find that the hype is true and they do take less in the wind then i WOULD buy one. Emley is actually a pretty good proving ground for wind bucking rifles. Kev said, i also find short/light rifles better for standing shots. I think i'll ask Lee to shoot side by side with me onto card at 45 yards, that way i'll be able to see instantly what's what.
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