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I'm going to be slightly pedantic here, but as I understand it this has all been started by the WFTF issuing 'interpretations' of what their own rules say, but they have not issued a definition.

This means that any shooter could argue, on the firing line, that how he interprets that rule and how Andy Kays interprets the rule are different.

A second thought, who is supposed to Police these rules?

For the mostpart FT is self policing. I remember being told by Ian Taylor at a shoot that my kneeling position was incorrect. This is typical of our type of sport, so if there is no briefing for ALL shooters before the start, telling everyone that WFTF rules apply, then although the rules are there, and ignorance is no defence, in truth, a tiny number of grumpy men are the only ones who actually care whether someone tweaks the string a couple of times.
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