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My 2p's worth: Firstly, I like the lay out of the page Brian. Probably, unlike some who may have wadded in here (I'm just saying), I clicked on your link and read all the pages - not just the definitions one - in less than 5 minutes. I've never done that with the BFTA rules! LOL

Secondly, clearly we can all stop saying that "there are no rules in the WFTF", as we are evidently engaged in a debate about the drafting thereof here!

From the perspective of a worlds competitor (in days gone by) I'm only concerned with what I can or can't do at any given shoot the drafted rules apply to and here I'd only be concerned about the 'windicator' rule. Well, not 'concerned' but I mean it does seem a bit petty; leaves? Dust?? As someone who's shot FT for 25 years I like to cling to some of the original germs of the concepts that lay behind our sport (it's an age thing). I think those hunter guys who popped their bunny basher rigs into their cars and went down to the Red Lion at Magham Down, to meet their mates and shoot in the first ever FT shoot would have trouble recognising any of the kit we use today but I do think they would still recognise the field craft element of the sport. That means using your wits and whatever God/Nature gave you to help you take the shot. If that's leaves in a wood, or dry grass in a field, the heat haze or the direction the rain is being blown by the wind, it's all good. I'd leave it defined as 'non-electric' and made at the point of fire (the gate).

When it comes to drafting, you can't write out everything that has or will be invented or thought up; you can only write IN what should be used.

Apart fro that I'm mainly left scadalised that Brian has spelt 'Utilised' with a Z!! We're British, damn it man! God Save The Queen etc
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