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UOTE=what barn door;194500]Oooo if I understand you right Vinny, I need to trim some of the bottom of the pistol grip?

Mmm I am a little reluctant to do that, I don't understand what you mean by doughnut, unless it's a referrence to the shooter?

I hope to get shooting hft soon (possibly at Kingsley) and get to understand it a little better, so please excuse my current lack on knowledge.

No mate , you wont be a doughnut the shot wil be, pistolgrip and butt on the deck equalls a big fat zero , I shot mine for a year before I trimmed the grip down , if you leave it you will have to make more shots butt in shoulder rather than butt on the ground, youll soon find out what i mean as the gun pivots around so youll know your doing it , i got into the habit of running my finger under it and showing my shooting partners it was clear of the ground , dont let it put you off though its still easy to do and good practice for up the peg shots have a look at the ukahft rules below

The only part of the rifle allowed to touch the ground when taking a shot from the prone position is the bottom edge of the butt pad.


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