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I'm going to throw my tuppence into the pot.

I got my Gold Star last week and have been doing a lot of learning and testing as I try and remember shooting techniques I have not used in quite a few years.

The first test session I did was in an open field, with a 10 to 15 m.p.h wind coming across at about 30 degrees to the target. Today I shot in much more challenging conditions, a nasty whispy wind that rolls downhill at the South Dorset clubs ground.

On the advice of Lee67 I have been using AA diabolo field pellets in 4.52 and they really seem to suit the BSA. I tried some BSA pellets (well, I had to try them) and they were ok, but not pellet on pellet as the AA's are, I also tried some Accupell FT's which seem a pretty good second to the AA's.

Windage wise, I got the same results from both tests; you can pretty much ignore it out to around 40 yards. For sure you want to know where it's coming from and maybe lean into it a touch.

At 45 yards the strong wind was pushing the pellets across the kill, a 40mm kill was still pretty easy, 25mm was a bit more challenging.

Where things got tough was at 55 yards. The slightest drop in the wind saw the pellet land on the point of aim, in the whispy downhill today, there were times when shooting at 8 on the clock face would guarantee a clean kill and others when I needed to be on the 9 and an inch off the kill. In the strong wind it was much the same, either an inch or two into the wind, or nothing.

So, as Lee67 say, the Gold Star does take a bit of wind at long range, but with a bit of range time and learning, I think it will be a pretty predictable rifle to live with.
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