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I think the S & B FT will take a few seasons to proove it's self as the best FT scope after the production one's have gone through all the rigours of the british climate and light conditions but for what I have seen so far the optic's are alot better than my 20-50 VX3, I am going to wait until spring for about 12deg temps and slightly better light before I set the S & B up then you have it set in a mean average so hopefully should see less movement if any. The nikko's I have looked through have all been varible in optic clarity and not consistant and sometimes milky at high mag(In my opinion)but as someone suggested to me once that can be an aide to accurate rangefinding as your more looking at the silhouette profile than fine details on the strings.
I will leave judgement on my S & B FT until I have shot a season with it. But as for now I think the 20-50 leup may just stay on the Walther for the GP season for now.
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