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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Agreed. Although I think organisations like WFTF/BFTA, WHFTA/UKAHFT should take steps to protect the intellectual property of the formats they've established. But that's for the lawyers ...
In many ways it can be a massive distraction also Rob and shift the focus onto the wrong area. I've seen good people and companies go to the wall fighting the wrong battles.

Set up the "Brand" and the rules, then copyright the brand (logo's etc) and its use is a lot easier to control and more inviting because you can then bring people into the "official brand" rather than spending your life chasing people for copying a format. It's pretty easy to do and can be down without lawyers, I've registered a lot of brands/logo's in the past, it's just a day in Manchester filling out the paperwork and a long wait for it to be official.

I'd spend my time on setting up the brand, rules and criteria, make that available and invite people in. Make it as easy as possible I'd say. This is not hard to do and anyone can access it, brilliant. Most big brands do it because they know designers like rules and like to get things right The harder something is, the more people will go around it I've found.

What's the best use of your/our time really? Often I think people focus on the wrong thing and spend their time sweating the small stuff. I look at the ISSF and honestly believe that with the people around at the moment FT could step up to that standard not only with the way it's presented but also executed.

From the posts here, people just want to know what to do and how to do it, with a proper process in place that is open and understood. What's happening now clearly isn't working or in the interest of the future of the sport.

I'd also like to counter point all this criticism by saying that if you need design and coding just ask and I'm there.

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