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Originally Posted by maximus View Post
It seems that this rule change situation happens every year in one form or another, and although the EFTA representatives try their best to resolve these late rule changes, it appears that they unable to do so. Time and time again, British shooters have booked and paid their flights, entry fees, hotels etc, to find that problems again arise with Micky mouse rule changes.
Surely its long overdue for the UK shooters to split from the WFTF, and introduce a new world championship. I would have thought all the UK regions would agree, and that other established FT shooting countries would consider joining.
Let's stop taking this crap, and do something about it, there is a huge depth of talent in this country, so I would have thought that it is possible to create a new championship.
It may not be neccessay. One of the issues is that many countries are simply so disillusioned with the WFTF (so they tell me) they don't participate anymore. I've always been very active in trying to reverse that logic because I believe that what you are suggesting is the very last resort left, only when everything else has been tried.
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